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Kids Mosaic Workshop 2009

Shown here are kids from the mosaic workshop getting their school of fish ready to hang.  Students designed the shapes and glued the little pieces of tiles to their wood backgrounds.   

And here they are affixed to the front of the gallery!  Fishy Fabulous!

What's this?

Rick Nilson and Randy Hodges collaborate on a "foul" project crafted from found objects.  You might make out the beginnings of a beak and eye under Randy's hands.  Rick holds part of a tail...he's good for that. Got any old rusted out junk you want to get rid of?  (just kidding). Stop by sometime to see these two working out the plans and scratching their heads.  They're working out under the big oak tree.More details as progress continues.

2010_03_27_1521KDH Co-op Artists Complete Mural
on Outer Banks Brewing Station Wall!2010_03_27_1525