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Dan Waters: Photography

Dan Waters began his vocation as a full-time potter artisan in 1994. In his prior career, before moving to the Outer Banks of North Carolina from Maryland, Dan was a successful stone mason.

His art is inspired by nature. From fish spoon rests to whale tail wine corks, the Outer Banks has had a profound influence on his life and work. Self taught, he makes pottery that is both fun and functional. He has experimented with ceramic glazes to achieve the colors he wanted to reflect nature. All of Dan's glazes are lead free, dinnerware safe, and can be used in the oven or microwave. The stoneware fired at temperatures over 2200 degrees F. produces very durable pottery. winning-photo

While working as a full-time potter, Dan started marketing and selling his photography to help pay for his photo equipment. He was able to explain to his wife, "Honey, that expensive lens is now a business write-off". 

Dan now splits his time between pottery and photography, and photography is now a part of his income. He won 2nd place with this photo in the outdoor recreation category of the Wildlife in North Carolina Magazine photo contest.

cat dock-sunset  purple_pier  pier-into-light