KDH Cooperative

Gallery and Studios

1 Marcia Cline: Oil
2 Donna HIggins Colson: Oils
3 Fay Davis Edwards: Watercolor
4 Chris Haltigan: Watercolor, Pastel
5 Elizabeth Kays: Watercolor, Acrylic
6 Julie Moye: Mosaic, Handmade tile, Oil on Canvas
7 Holly Nettles: Acrylic and Mixed Media
8 Rick Nilson: Oil on Canvas
9 Megan Ferry Rubino: Watercolor, Acrylic
10 Shirley Ruff: Oil
11 Rob Snyder: Acrylic and Oil
12 Carole Thompson: Oils
13 Susan Van Gieson: Watercolor and Oil
14 Susan Wells Vaughan: Acrylic and Watercolors
15 John White: Oil and Watercolor

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